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  • Do you feel “stuck,” unable to move forward in life or relationships?
  • Do you struggle with confusing emotional ups and downs?
  • Do you long for more soulful relationships?
  • Do you seek a more joy-filled and vibrant life?

Soul of the Seasons is a guide for those seeking deeper connections and more meaningful life. Thought-provoking questions and exercises guide the reader toward gentle self-awareness with practical ways to adjust to old patterns and habits. These shifts help us to face life’s passages with grace, resilience, and authenticity.

Melody A Scout

Weaving her deeply personal stories with Five Element wisdom, Melody A Scout teaches us that by developing intimate relationships with our core emotions—the unique vibrations that connect us to both our bodies and the Earth—we can effectively adapt and respond to life’s challenges. By developing a more intimate relationship with our emotions and the seasons of life, we can learn to effectively: identify and correct our imbalances; develop greater compassion, integrity, and honesty; and authentically and appropriately express our feelings.  

Encoded within the seasons of the natural world is a wisdom that teaches that:

  • Spring is the time where we learn the importance of setting healthy boundaries and making quality decisions.
  • Summer brings us warmth and joy through community, communication, and connection.
  • Harvest provides a sweet satisfaction for an abundant life and the ability to nurture and be nurtured.
  • Fall teaches us the importance of letting go and to value and respect what is most precious to us.
  • Winter reminds us that contemplation, reflection, and rest are essential in the germination of new visions.

From the book, “[The wisdom of the seasons offers] a system of healing that provides an elegant template with which to navigate the complexities of life. It is a system that carries the story of community and connection, a story as old as Mother Earth herself.”

Some comments on Soul of the Seasons:

“Your passion is palpable, and your love for others is tangible.  I applaud the integrity, vulnerability, and tenacity that it took to get you to the point in your life where you could write about such complexities with such a clear, kind voice.”

“I’d like to order 10 copies of your book when it is published. This book is special and must be in the lives of some of my closest friends and family members, along with myself. I cannot wait to go back through it…”

I love your passion for all that you have to share! You obviously know your “stuff.” I love how you have cleverly woven together the ideas of seasons, the elements, and emotions.” 


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