About Melody…

Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Plant Whisperer, Melody A Scout

Throughout the years, Melody’s love for the plants and Mother Earth drew her interest into the study of related fields such as nutrition, essential oils, herbalism, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, and, more recently, the arts of Sacred Landscaping and Plant Spirit Medicine.

Through her work with Plant Spirit Medicine and Sacred Landscaping, Melody has awakened more deeply to the necessity of listening to what the natural world has to say to us. She is convinced that only by relating to the Mother Earth and her inhabitants as living, breathing beings can we create environments that are not only beautiful but self-sustaining and nourishing for all. In this way, we as individuals can begin to heal the desecration and depletion of mind, body, and spirit, as well as Mother Earth herself.

As a 27-year student of the healing arts that includes Reiki I, II, & III, Soul Coaching(R) and Angel Therapy Practitioner(R), Melody has found Plant Spirit Medicine, a powerful and gentle yet subtle healing modality, to be a natural fit. She deeply resonates with the wisdom she learned during her two-year course in Plant Spirit Medicine, a practice that is rooted in indigenous plant spirit healing and Five Element Acupuncture: Traditional cultures have long understood that both nature and humankind are endowed with intelligence and spirit; that the plants willingly give us what we need to live a better life.

Essential to her Landscape Consultation and Design business and, her practice with Plant Spirit Medicine is the philosophy instilled in her by her teacher and shaman, Eliot Cowan that “everything has to do with everything.” This philosophy confirmed in her the inherent connections between our inner landscape and the outer natural world. Both Plant Spirit and Five Element medicines reveal how one can correct their internal and external imbalances, allowing them to live more balanced, joyful lives.

Melody has written a soon to be released book based on Five Element theory due out April of 2019. Soul of the Seasons offers the reader, through the template of the Earth’s seasonal changes, a means in which to navigate life’s always fascinating and sometimes challenging passages.

If you are interested in having Melody speak at your event, teach one of her dynamic and transformative classes, or to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact her at:

Email: Seasons@sparkolife.com

Phone: (850) 543-5307

Website: www.soul-of-the-seasons.com


3 thoughts on “About Melody…

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  2. Richard Wiltse

    Hello Melody,
    I found your name and website on a list of Soul Coaches referenced by Denise Linn. I would like to know more about working with you as a Soul Coach.


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