Intuitive Spiritual Advisor-Coach/Pet Communicator

Contact Melody at:
Contact Melody at:


What is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor? An Intuitive Spiritual Advisor is someone who has spent years honing their intuitive skills enabling them to look deep within the person they are working with in order to access the wisdom of their client’s soul. With nearly three decades of intuitive experience Melody has sharpened her spiritual skills, cutting through the surface issues in order to identify the real source of conflict and confusion. This offers her clients both a highly practical and deeply spiritual wisdom.

How can I benefit from an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor session?

Melody’s intuitive sessions are designed to access the core truth of her client’s conflicts and behavior patterns and to understand just how they impact their lives and relationships. Though Melody’s sessions are not predictive in nature, they provide insight into the necessary changes required in living a more fulfilling and balanced life–practical steps that can more fully align other’s with their soul’s calling.

Everyone has “blind spots.” They’re called blind spots for a reason; because they’re often an area we’ve chosen to keep hidden from ourselves out of self-protection or fear. The wisdom Melody accesses through Divine Source can help her clients to gently uncover any blind spots. This wisdom can forthrightly guide them to transform and empower their lives so that they may grow and move forward in life.

With nearly three decades of experience in giving intuitive readings and trained in Soul Coaching(R), as a Angel Therapy Practitioner and currently practicing as a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Melody brings a uniquely rich and insightful approach to accessing the wisdom of the soul.

“Intuitive Readings are, I believe, an art form when done well. They can capture the essence of the question and provide a rich and detailed snapshot of factors that are influencing the current situation. Insightful readings can also offer a means by which the one asking can look within to make choices in line with their Soul, Spirit and Life’s Purpose. I call upon God, my Teachers, and the Archangels to assist me in this process. If you find this type of work calls to you, please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.” — With Love, Melody

60-minute Session: $90.00
30-minute Session: $50.00

Call or text (850) 543-5307 to schedule a session

Testimonials from people who have worked with Melody:

“I just love this lady. Melody is remarkable in her clarity and accuracy of detail. Her empathy and professionalism sets her apart. Her calm, wise soothing nature helped me realize that there are things over which I have no control, and that I just have to trust my higher power. Melody is highly spiritual and has the amazing ability to heal as she connects with me on the present level as well as in my past lives. I strongly suggest that you give this amazing lady a chance to help you through this oft confusing and challenging journey we call life.” J. A., Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“Thank you so much, dear one, for your loving and helpful reading. And, special thanks also for the cord cutting and aura cleansing. I appreciate it so very much.” -Neesa, Durham, NC

“I’m very grateful for … a reading that went way beyond any expectations that I might have had!”
P.B., Massachusetts

“Melody had such a kind and gentle manner when guiding my Soul Journey experience. Her keen intuition also helped me achieve my desired positive result!” V. Coen, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant & Energy Healer, Seattle, WA-

“Thank you very much for such an excellent and thorough reading – I enjoyed the information, and your talent truly shines through your readings!” – Mairin, Pennsylvania

“Melody’s ability to connect quickly with my Spirit created a deep healing response. Her compassion & love assisted me to identify with issues inside myself that were ready to heal. Thank you, Melody for walking this journey with me!” – T. Houchins, Owner, Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio, Maryland

Animal Communication

1 Sinbad canoe

An avid animal lover, Melody has developed her ability to communicate with all sorts of animals, both wild and domesticated. She’s been able to offer practical feedback concerning health and behavioral issues with her client’s furry friends. Animal communication is a means to clarify and understand your beloved animal better. A session often reveals insight into health and emotional factors that can assist pet owners in creating a healthier, happier relationship with their animal friends.

Often we choose our pets (and they choose us) precisely because they can help us heal by offering their unconditional love and companionship. By better understanding our relationship with our pet we can more deeply love and heal. All that Melody needs to conduct a session with your beloved animal friend is a picture of your pet and their name.

60 minute session: $80.00

30 minute session: $45.00

Email Melody to schedule a communication session with your animal at : or call (850) 543-5307

Testimonials from pet lovers:

“Melody Harris has completed several readings for two of my animal companions.  I found that she had a clear connection with both of them based on the accuracy of her descriptions of their past and concurrent behaviors.  The messages from them to me, and her readings of their physical and emotional states, were very helpful in choosing appropriate care for them.  Melody’s deep love and respect for all living things was evident in her readings of my companions’ spiritual state, which continues to give me tremendous comfort.”

Renae Edge, Bridgeport, CT

“Thanks so much! Your insight with Yoshi was really helpful.” Tony D., IL

“I wouldn’t let anyone else talk with my beloved Lila.”  S. L., Sacramento, CA

“I can’t believe you knew all that about my cat without even meeting her!” – J. V.



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