Winter: The Other Side of Fear

Winter streamThe Winter equinox notes the official start of winter, or at least it says so the calendar. In Five Element tradition the season of Winter marks a time for rest, death, contemplation, and for entering the unknown. It is represented by the element of water and the emotion of fear. Water represents the womb of our consciousness, the place where our dreams can safely gestate until they’re ready to be borne into the world.  It is the quiet place where we can hear that “still small voice”.

The fundamental emotion of Winter is fear. Fear is often labeled a “negative” emotion, one we need to eliminate or dominate. To be sure, an unbalanced relationship with fear can lead to a path filled with panic, anxiety, suspicion, and mistrust. The experience of fear has an addictive quality to it, drawing us back, again and again to the things that terrify us. Fear sells. Think: Mainstream news and 95% of all advertising.

“When we fail to maintain our spiritual balance, when our connection to divine guidance is clouded or broken, we forget our Divine Destiny, God’s purpose for us. Without this inner knowing it becomes a struggle to make decisions that are in our best interest. As a result, we may run after money or material goods or relationships that do not serve our highest purpose. If, in order to achieve our goals, we go without sleep or decent food or we neglect important relationships,  we will only create undue stress on the mind, emotions, and body resulting little satisfaction once  those goals have been met.” – from Soul of the Seasons by Melody A. Scout

The emotion of fear can assist us in some very essential ways, however. Fear challenges us to consider the risks in our physical, emotional and spiritual survival choices, and then supplies the excitement of stepping into those choices. Fear pushes us to the edge, demanding that we reach deep within the dark corners of our spirit to access the wisdom we need in order to move forward. By facing our fears we can more easily access that creative spark, the creation of new beginnings, and, the excitement of birthing our dreams.

Following our dreams requires us to step off into the unknown, to say good-bye to old ways of being, to trust that we’ll be supported in our endeavors, and the confidence to know that we are enough.

Winter is the perfect time to contemplate the following questions:

What needs a good death in my life right now?
What dreams lay dormant in the mire of my past pain, frozen by the fear of disappointment?
When did I last take a deep and quiet rest in order to hear that “still small voice” of wisdom?

What awaits you on the other side of fear?


I wish you a rich and cozy Winter.

With Love,


Melody A Scout is an author and Intuitive Spiritual Advisor. Her deep connection to the natural world has influenced her work as a Sacred Landscape Consultant and Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. She is currently writing a book called Soul of the Seasons which explores the wisdom embedded within the seasonal cycles of the natural world and how to find balance and joy in both our inner and outer landscapes.

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