The Problem with Labels

It’s irresistible it is to label people; to put them in little boxes and categories that feels more comfortable in our minds. To keep them fixed in categories in which we may confidently judge as, “not us.” But, by labeling others, we separate ourselves from them–from who they are as whole human beings. We are separating ourselves from someone, who may in reality, be more like us than we know.

Try to remember that those speaking up or speaking out, just like us, have families and mothers and beloveds. We all have breakthroughs and struggles. We all carry pain, grief, anger, and sacrifice. We have all experienced loss.

Don’t assume that because someone…

…is conservative means they don’t care about equality.

…is liberal means they aren’t concerned about being fiscally responsible.

…is ProLife doesn’t mean they don’t feel for the plight of women in difficult situations.

…is ProChoice means they are pro-abortion.

…is concerned about the plight of immigrants means they believe there should be no vetting.

Someone of faith means they hate those who are not.

…is atheist or agnostic means they think those of faith are idiots.

…is a Feminist means they are an angry man-hater.

…is male means that they are a misogynist.

…is a protester means they hate their country.

…is part of a “privileged” group means that they are insensitive to those who are under-privileged.

…is for income equality means they are a communist.

We cannot possibly know anyone unless we take the time to hear their story, without bias or judgment. Right now we need each other more than ever. We need each person’s love. We need their kindness, fierceness, anger, grief, concern, compassion, kindness, and courage. We need to remember we are all in this together.

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